Casting Call: Valiant’s ‘Divinity’

By Hazel Romano | August 5, 2017


For this week’s edition of Casting Call we’re taking on Valiant’s hit sci-fi series Divinity. Chosen to take part in a hazardous experiment for the Russian government’s space program, Abram Adams develops peculiar powers upon his return to Earth. Little does he know, his initial contact also gave him a glimpse of a larger, looming conflict to come.

Credit: Matt Kindt & Trevor Hairsine

Against the backdrop of current popular characters like Luke Cage and Black Panther, an adaptation of Valiant’s Divinity would come at a perfect time. The issue of political instability introduced in movies like The Avengers is also a running theme in Divinity, where a Communist government is in control. Abram Adams’ own mystifying origins add another layer of depth to the plot. For such an intriguing character, which A-list actors would be the top candidates for the powerhouse role?

Mahershala Ali, left, and Abram Adams

Known for his intensity and debonair charm, Mahershala Ali would no doubt be an exciting choice for Divinity. His acting ability is of the highest caliber, reflected in his Oscar-worthy performances in Moonlight and Hidden Figures. Ali’s ability to tap into a characters’ complex motivations would fit well with Adams’ own intellectual capacities. The signature combination of charisma and electrifying presence establish him as an engaging and impressive actor to watch.

glover duo
Donald Glover, right, and Abram Adams

While Ali does have the skills to pull off a hardened character, he’s a bit out of the age range for Adams, who is depicted as a recent graduate in the early stages of training. Lauded for his breakout roles in the cult hit Community and FX’s Atlanta, Donald Glover has quickly shot to fame to make his own mark in the industry. His upcoming iconic role as the young Lando Calrissian in the much anticipated Han Solo movie already proves how he’d be a natural in a galactic environment.

Glover’s tendency towards witty dialogue make him a fan favorite, but on a more subtle level he also demonstrates a cerebral quality that translates effectively on the screen. There’s a mental acuteness to him reflective of Adams’ own attitude as a superhuman cosmonaut.


There are strong yet very different arguments for both actors. But, of course, these are just some suggestions.

Who is your top pick to play Divinity’s Abram Adams?


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